Wrecking Ball


  • Space: 25″ wide x 25’length x 16’ high
  • The minimum height 42”
  • The maximum height  76″
  • Weight per patron 200 lbs each
  • Occupancy (max) 4
  • Operators required 1
  • Blowers required (1) 1.0-1.5 HP
  • The power requirements for this attraction is (1) 20 Amp/circuits


The Inflatable Wrecking Ball Interactive Game is extremely popular with teens and young adults. This fun packed inflatable game requires 4 players to stand on an inflatable pedestal while one player push the wrecking ball towards another player trying to know the other players of the pedestal, if you fall off the pedestal you are out of the game the last player to be standing on the pedestal is the winner.


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