Essential Tug of War Rules

The Rope:

The diversion includes utilization of single hardware i.e. a rope. There is a red stamp made in the

center of the rope. This red stamp on the rope should be at an opposite point to the correct

focus point on the ground, before the initiation of the amusement. A white stamp is made

precisely 13 feet from the red check on either sides of the rope. The diversion is won when either side

with this white check crosses the middle point.


As indicated by the standards of pull of war, each group can oblige a most extreme of 8 individuals.

However the consolidated weight of these individuals ought not surpass the weight decided for

the specific class.

Field and Marking

The diversion must be played on a level green fix of land. A line alluded to as an inside line is

set apart on the playing zone and the rope is put in a way that its inside stamp ought to adjust

the middle set apart on the ground. On either sides of the rope at the separation of 4 m from the

focus line, 2 more checks should be made. This is the point where in the main individual from each

group will stand.

Step by step instructions to Play

As specified before, the focal point of the rope ought to line up with the middle set apart on the

ground. When the ref blows the shriek, each group can begin maneuvering the rope into their

domain. The target of the amusement is for each group to pull the rope alongside the individuals from

restriction group to their side. When the second check on the rope from the middle red

stamp traverses to focus line, the group to pull the rope to their territory wins.


The pull of war rivalry requires a judge. There are 3 distinct charges that the judge

provides for the players. The judge initially reports “Get the rope”, he at that point says “Take the

string”, lastly he advises the players to “Force”. Once the haul summon is said out the groups

begin pulling the rope. On the off chance that an individual from the group tumbles down that part is given an alert. Each

group is permitted two alerts before getting precluded.


There is a specific strategy that should be connected while playing this amusement, if not at that point

there will be a foul which can bring in for preclusions. For e.g. bringing down your elbow beneath

the knee level while pulling the rope is thought to be a foul and is called ‘bolting’. Touching

the ground for a more drawn out time frame is likewise considered as a foul.

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