Snake Pit Carnival Game


Absolutely! The Snake Pit is an exciting carnival game rental that tests your precision and steadiness.

Here’s how to play: Objective: Guide a ball down the red raceway without letting it fall into the snake pit below. Aim for the target holes to score points. Setup: The game board has handles at the base. Place a ball at the top of the board.

Gameplay: Grab the handles and steer the board. Let gravity guide the ball down. Bumpers provide resting spots for the ball. Avoid letting the ball fall off the sides or through the holes into the snake pit.

Scoring: You’ll earn points based on the target holes you hit.

Age Range: This game is suitable for ages 7 and up.

Game Details: It is designed with sturdy hinges for easy setup, transportation, and storage. Comes with three balls. Fits best on a 6ft or 8ft table. Challenge your hand-eye coordination and conquer the Snake Pit carnival game rental!

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