Green Screen


Green Screen


Green screen photography is also known as chroma key compositing, color keying, blue screen and color-separation overlay. It is the trick used in photography to move one’s image into any background possible. Initially your picture is taken with you standing against a complete green background or sometimes even a blue background. Then the green or blue background is edited out by the photographer and replaced with the background you want.  But to do this you need to follow the steps of green screen photography to get the result you want.

This trick is not only used in photography but also in weather forecasting when you see the meteorologist standing in front of the map. In reality the meteorologist is actually standing in front of a green screen! This technique was also used in famous movies like Spiderman to depict difficult scenes. In fact during fighting scenes between Spiderman and the Green Goblin, a green background was used for Spiderman while a blue background was used for the Green Goblin. This is because when the green screen technique is used it is very important that the person being photographed or recorded on video should not be wearing the same colored clothes as the background color. If he or she does, it will make him or her invisible because he or she will blend in with the background. Therefore two separate background colors were used when showing Spiderman and the Green Goblin on the screen together. Or one of them would have blended into the background due to the effect of green screen photography.

Even in photographs, all kinds of images can be produced using this technology. One can make the subject appear like a dwarf or giant by using this technology. One can also add a cloning effect in the photograph. Amber gel is also used to add colorful reflections on the subject through green screen photography. They are colorful plastics that should be the same color as the subject’s clothes. Overall green screen photography is a fun way of creating amazing pictures for any event including bar mitzvah, school events, corporate parties, trade shows, and picnics with you depicted in any part of the world without you actually having to visit it!


Item Specifications:

Space: 20 x 20 area

Power Requirements: (2) 20 amp circuit

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