Flap Attack Tabletop Bowling Game Rental


Are you looking for a unique and family-friendly tabletop carnival game to add to your collection of exciting and challenging games that are sure to please your visitors? Well, look no further than Flap Attack! Even if your space is too cramped to accommodate lanes, you can still enjoy the fun and excitement of bowling with this game. The objective of Flap Attack is to roll the little bowling ball past each score flap without passing any of them. If you roll the ball too forcefully, it will fly past all the flaps, and you will not score any points. Players will aim to repeatedly roll the ball to a point where it lands on a flap. Skilled players can easily roll the ball to the 100-score flap once they master the game. Flap Attack is a tabletop game that is space-saving and easy to set up. It is perfect for gatherings such as school carnivals and community festivals. The game includes two balls and a huge parts bag with a lanyard. If you are interested in having Flap Attack or any of their other games at your event, contact Jumper Bee immediately.
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