Avalanche Water Slide


Avalanche Waterslide

Have fun in the sun and this fantastic 18ft water slide. Party planning in Texas has always been challenging! Check out our Texas water slide rentals today. Contact us to plan your next big event!
Get ready to make a big impression at your event with our thrilling 18ft Avalanche Double Lane Waterslide! Get ready for a splashing good time with this fantastic inflatable waterslide that guarantees endless fun and excitement for everyone—hosting a backyard birthday party, carnival, school field day, community festival, corporate picnic, or any other event. This waterslide rental is sure to steal the show.
Here are the main highlights:
1. Two lanes: The Avalanche Waterslide offers a thrilling experience with two side-by-side lanes. Two participants can compete to reach the bottom first, or friends and family can join a lighthearted race to reach the splash pool first.
2. 18 Feet of Exhilaration: At a staggering height of 18 feet, this waterslide promises an adrenaline-pumping drop that will quicken pulses. The sharp slope guarantees an exhilarating ride that culminates in a revitalizing dip.
3. Slide into the Splash Pool: Down at the bottom of the slide, there’s a nice big splash pool ready to catch riders in a safe and fun way. The pool is well-equipped to handle the impact of the riders and provides a refreshing oasis during scorching summer days.
4. Using only the finest materials: Ensuring safety is our utmost concern. This Avalanche Waterslide is made from top-notch materials that can withstand fire-resistant punctures. Additionally, it is equipped with safety features such as non-slip surfaces and secure handrails. Rest assured, everyone will have a smooth and secure sliding experience.
5. Design that catches the eye: This waterslide is the life of the party with its eye-catching colors and bold design. The impressive stature and attractive design serve as a mesmerizing centerpiece that attracts visitors from afar.
6. Hassle-free setup and supervision: Our professional team will handle the setup and dismantling of the waterslide, relieving event organizers of any stress. We also offer the service of trained staff members to oversee the slide, ensuring the safety of all participants. With us, you can focus on enjoying the event.
7. Versatile fun for all occasions: The 18ft Avalanche Double Lane Waterslide is a crowd-pleaser at any event, from birthday parties to community gatherings. It’s a unique and thrilling way to beat the heat and create lasting memories. We cater to all types of events, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fun.
Details for Renting:
Renting the 18ft Avalanche Double Lane Waterslide is a piece of cake. Feel free to contact us to check availability and pricing for the rental period you have in mind. Once you’ve confirmed your rental, our team will work closely with you to manage the delivery and setup process. We will ensure that the waterslide is set up in a safe and suitable location, and we will provide clear instructions on how to use it. We are dedicated to ensuring your event is a hit with this exciting waterslide that promises non-stop joy and fun.
Seize the chance to add a splash of fun with the 18ft Avalanche Double Lane Waterslide at your next event! Contact us now to book your spot and guarantee a fun-filled experience!

Renting the avalanche slide can be an exciting addition to any event, but it’s important to understand the factors that go into determining the final cost. At Jumper Bee, we take into account the rental duration, location, and staffing options to provide you with a fair and accurate price. By renting for a longer duration, you can maximize the fun while potentially saving money. Additionally, our team will work with you to determine the best location for setup, ensuring that you get the most out of your rental. Finally, if you choose to have Jumper Bee staff the waterslide, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experienced team will handle everything from setup to takedown. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible rental experience, and we believe that starts with transparent and fair pricing. Contact us today to learn more about renting the 18-foot avalanche slide for your next event!


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