Inflatable Slide Rentals in Texas

Planning an indoor or outdoor party? Then you must get one of these amazing giant inflatable slides for rent – we guarantee they will be the main attraction of your event. And we’re not just talking about a kids’ party! Everyone loves to have fun on dry or wet slides.

And if you’re not certain what your guests would prefer, you can always choose one of our inflatable slides with detachable pools. Better yet, some of them have two slots, which makes them ideal for larger events, and for keeping just one of the slides dry – variety is always recommended!

Our inflatable slides for rent in Texas are a great way to promote healthy and enjoyable activities and they are bound to add excitement to any event! We have a variety of themes, colors, and shapes to ensure that we match the theme of your party. They are all made from safe and secure, fire-resistant vinyl – your safety is our priority.

Jumper Bee’s blow-up slide rentals can get to any location in North Texas. For bigger events, we can cater to the entire state of Texas. Just give us a call, tell us a bit about your location and your plans for an unforgettable party and we can help you choose the best wet or dry slide for your event.

Call today to book your Inflatable Slide Rentals in Texas!

Slides and Obstacle Course FAQs

Absolutely! However, please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for height and weight requirements.
This will vary by manufacturer and size of the individual inflatable unit. For example, some minimum height requirements can range from 34 inches to 42 inches or more. Maximum Heights can vary from 72 inches to 76 inches or more. Weight requirements are typically between 200lbs and 250lbs, but can be more or less depending on the unit. Make sure to follow Manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure participants safety.
Most inflatables can be set up on either a grass or concrete surface. The important thing to remember is that the surface is level, dry, and clear of damaging debris. que

Our blow-up slides are perfect for children’s events, church events, community events, outdoor parties, themed parties, festivals, seasonal events, family gatherings, children’s celebrations, toddler parties, & more! Browse Jumper Bee’s offerings below, and call us today to help make your next event perfect.

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