Carnival Games

Meta Description: Looking to rent carnival games in Northern Texas? You came to the right place. Check our carnival games for adults and for kids.

No party, social gathering or school function is complete without a few fun activities. And what could be more fun than carnival activities?

Jumper Bee has a wide variety of carnival games for rent in Texas. From the most popular games you can think of (like Horse Shoes and Tic Tac Toe) to less known (but equally fun!) ones like Kiddie Striker, Pony Hops or Stand the Bottle.

Traditional carnival games for adults and kids alike include the Three Legged Race, Sack Races, Tug-A-War and various contest prizes. Our list of  games is jam-packed with fun and creative ideas that can turn any party or function into a smashing success.

Even more, the games for carnivals that Jumper Bee rents in Northern Texas encourage healthy competition, physical activity and logical reasoning. They are great for any school functions, but we’ve also seen hundreds of adults have the time of the lives in teambuilding activities centered on carnival games.

Need help organizing the best party in Wylie, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Highland Park, North Dallas, Frisco Texas or any other Northern Texas town? We can help you with catering, fun games for all ages and trained staff. Get in touch!

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