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Looking for the perfect bounce houses for rent? Or perhaps a carousel or a dinosaur-shaped bounce house? You have come to the right place!

Whatever your kid’s favorite hero or animal is, we can deliver it to their party and make their special day a memorable one. We specialize in parties for kids of all ages and we always have the right inflatable in stock for you. Contact us today at 972-429-4545 and make your celebration one that will never be forgotten!

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Jumper Bee offers a wide variety of affordable Texas bounce house rentals, jump houses for rent, and Texas party jumpers for any special event.  Our bounce house inventory features licensed theme bounce houses and party inflatables from companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon. Jumper Bee also delivers bounce house water slides, concession equipment including popcorn and beverage machines for rent, tables for rent, chairs for rent, and many others.

We serve Wylie, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Highland Park, North Dallas, Frisco Texas, Rockwall, Heath, Royce City, Murphy as well as other North Texas communities. Don’t see your city or town on the list? Give us a call! Depending on the size of the event you are planning, we might be able to help you turn a typical party into the season’s most-wanted event!

Bounce House FAQs

Each manufacturer has different guidelines as to how many participants are allowed at a time. These guidelines are listed on the front of each unit, along with specifications of size and weight requirements per manufacturer. Makes sure you follow the Manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure participants safety.
There are no set specifics on jump times. This will depend on the size and type of event (example: backyard birthday party v. public festival).
This will vary by manufacturer and size of the individual inflatable unit. For example, some manufacturers minimum height requirements can range from 30inches to 36 inches or more. Maximum Heights can vary from 40 inches to 72 inches or more. Make sure you follow the Manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure participants safety.
There are bounce house units that are geared specifically for younger children. However, as children’s height and weight can vary even at the same age, it is recommended to go by the manufacturer’s size recommendations for each unit, rather than age.
This will depend on the venue and the power access. In most cases, it is recommended that a generator is used to avoid any issues with overloading residential circuits.
This can vary depending on the size of the unit and how many people are assisting in the setup/teardown process. Smaller units can take as little as 15 minutes, where exceptionally large units can take an hour or more.
As always, make sure that the manufacturers specifications are being followed regarding height and weight. To avoid injuries, it is recommended to group participants by similar size when allowing them in a bounce house, or on any other inflatable unit. Always have an operator to ensure participants safety.
All inflatables (bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, games, etc.) rely on continuous air flow to stay inflated. This is accomplished by utilizing an air blower to push air into the unit, while simultaneously letting air out of the unit through seams specifically designed for this purpose. This is what creates the bounce and give while the participants are jumping, running, climbing, and sliding.
This will depend on the size of the unit, size if the indoor space. Power is also a concern when moving indoors. Some units require more power than is available with a traditional outlet. If a generator is needed, it will need to be set up outdoors, with the power cords running to the unit setup inside. You will also need to take noise created by the blowers into consideration when moving indoors.
When possible, stakes are the preferred method for securing inflatable units to the ground. However, if the unit is to be set up on the concrete, or staking into the grass is not possible, sandbags are a safe and effective way to secure an inflatable unit.
Yes. This is to make sure all manufacturer’s guidelines are being followed, and to ensure each participant’s safety.
Weather can be unpredictable and bring an outdoor party to a halt. When using inflatables, the main concerns are wind and rain. If either of these occur, the participants will need to exit the unit until the conditions become safe again. Inflatables should not be used, and should be deflated, with winds of 20 MPH or higher. Unless an inflatable is specifically designed to be used wet (i.e. a water slide), the unit should not be used wet. Once an inflatable becomes wet, it can be very slippery, and injuries can occur. The inflatable should not be used again until completely dry. If the weather calls for a chance of rain, a water slide may be the safer choice.

Our bounce houses are perfect for children’s parties, church events, community events, outdoor parties, themed parties, festivals, seasonal events, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, toddler parties, and more! Learn more about our inflatable bounce houses below.

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