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Hundreds of Fun Activities, Rides, Games, and Bounce Houses!

Plano Bounce House Rentals

It's that time of year again. You want to make your child's birthday special in Plano. You're running out of ideas. You tried the local restaurant. You took kids to the fun park. You've done the pinata.

What's left? Why not a large bounce house to give your little one something to smile about? It's a great choice when you want to keep the party in your backyard.

Entertaining a large group of children can be challenging. You know how important it is to keep everyone busy. The moment someone gets bored is the moment someone wants to go home. You want all of your children's friends to have a good time. A bounce house's name says it all. It will keep the whole crew bouncing for joy. Most importantly, you can keep your guests in one place. They can bounce to their hearts content, have refreshments, take a break, and jump back in.

Large Bounce House

When guests come to your home to play with your child for the afternoon, you need to watch them like a hawk. A bounce house can help you to confine the play to one area. You and the other adults can keep a close watch on the bounce house crowd. Make sure you limit how many come in at one time. Try setting a timer for five minutes. When it goes off, switch groups.

It's always fun to set up stations at a birthday party for kids. Try face painting, sand art, a game table, and an inflatable bounce house. Don't forget cake and ice cream for a grand finale. Let us be a part of your party planning. Contact our representatives to learn more about our bounce house selection. You tell us the time and the place. We'll take care of the set up and taking it down when the day comes to a close.

Plano Water Slide Rentals

Plano is one of the hottest cities in Texas. When things heat up during the summer, you don't want your children to suffer underneath the sun.

A water slide is an amazing way to cool them off and provide them with hours of entertainment. Your children will love racing each other down the slide and showing off their best tricks.

These water slides are incredibly easy to set up at a moment's notice. Maybe your child is having a birthday party with all of his or her best friends. Everyone is playing in the backyard, and suddenly, there's interest in a water slide. It's super straightforward to unravel the slide, pump it up with air and connect your garden hose for a stream of water.
When you're done with the slide, simply collapse everything into a ball and store it away.

Water Slide Rentals

Traditional water slides are made of plastic or wood, but these really aren't the ideal materials. When your children try to go fast on the slide, they might create friction and end up with burns. Moreover, wood makes for a rough landing at the very end. An inflatable slide is soft from start to end while being smooth enough to allow for the fastest races. Everyone can participate and enjoy these slides because they don't have a weight limit.

Our blow-up water slides are fantastic gifts for active kids. There's really no need to go all the way to the water park for such an adventure. As long as you have room on your property, you can set up a water slide for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. Even better, if your property has a gentle slope, you can take advantage of this to help your kids gain a little bit of momentum. There's nothing better than receiving one of these slides that you can enjoy for years.

Some of Our Rentals and Services Offered in Plano:

In Plano Texas for Almost 20 Years!

Plano TX is a sprawling, cosmopolitan suburb of Dallas with a population of approximately 288,000 people.

Plano is comprised of parts of both Collin and Denton County. Hosting over 25 corporate head quarters and secondary HQs is a tall order, but there are plenty of restaurants, public parks (reserve a facility here, and party venues to keep residents and out of town visitors entertained. Community Events can be found here at this link.

Plano TX

Popular Event and Party Locations in Plano

Venue: Oak Point Nature Preserve, Park & Retreat Center

Retreat Center:

Public Amenities: Nature Hiking Trail, Playground, Park, Pavilion, Wi-fi

Patron Amenities: Amphitheater, Basketball courts, Weight Room, Climbing wall, Zipline course, Indoor Track, Game Room, Indoor Swimming Pool, Conference Rooms.

Private Parties: Company Picnic, Employee Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras.


Venue: The Plano Event Center

Patron Amenities: Conferences, Catering, DJ, Live Music, Photography

Private Events: 84,000 Square Ft of floor space, Weddings, Company Parties, Employee Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras.


Venue: Rooftop Event Spot

Patron Amenities: 4000sq feet of space, Catering, Live DJ, Photography, Photobooth

Private Events: Weddings, Company Parties, Employee Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras.

Event: All American 4th

Location: Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Event Services: Fireworks, Concessions, Live Music, Inflatables, Mechanical Rides, Face Painters, Balloon Artist, Entertainers, Vendor Market


Plano Balloon Festival

Location: Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Event Services: Air Balloon Rides and Demonstrations, Sky Diving Exhibition, Live Music, Fireworks, Inflatables, Mechanical Rides, Professional Entertainers, Community Entertainers, Food Vendors


Plano Christmas Market

Location: Carpenter Park Recreation Center

Event Services: Market for Handmake Gifts of fabric, wood, metal, jewelry, ceramic and glass. Fresh jams, salsas, nuts, dips, and other preserves.

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