List of Water Slide Rental Companies in Northern Texas

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North Texas covers a pretty large area, and while we’re one of the premier rental companies for water slides in the area, we don’t cover everywhere. If you live in the north Texas area and you want to rent a water slide – for a birthday, for a late summer celebration, or just for a hot day when you want to cool off – we’ll try to be there for you.

What we’ve done here is break up north Texas based on the cities in the area, and identified companies you can rent a water slide from in the area. We’d love to be your #1 choice in the areas we cover, of course, but we can’t be everywhere at once. We only have so many slides, after all! Scroll down or use the table of contents to find your city and see who is available.


City of Allen

Allen is a city on the outskirts of the Dallas area, home to 100,000 people. There are 67 different city parks, most of which can be rented for private events where you can rent a water slide or two, set u pa party, and enjoy a hot summer day. Check out our page below not just for equipment rentals, but for venue ideas and contact information as well.

1: Jumper Bee – At Jumper Bee, we’re always striving to be the number one provider of inflatables, water slides, and other entertainment throughout the year.

2: Bounce ‘n’ More – A family-owned business, Bounce ‘n’ More covers many areas in northern Texas with inflatables, trackless trains, and a handful of other options.

3: Clown Around – Clown Around has three main offices serving the surrounding areas, located in Trenton, McKinney, and Sherman.


Denton TX

Located on the northern edge of Fort Worth, Denton is a city with 140,000 people and is home to several large events, including a rodeo and a handful of music festivals.

1: DFW Party Rental – This company covers a lot of the DFW area and is a reasonable choice for many people.

2: Clown Around – Yup, they cover the Denton municipal area too.

3: North Texas Bounce Houses – They might not have the best web design in the area, but their rental services aren’t too shabby.


Ellis TX

Located south of Dallas, Ellis County is home to a variety of smaller cities, including Waxahachie, Ennis, Palmer, and Midlothian. The county as a whole is home to nearly 190,000 people and is a popular spot for both historical tourism and local getaways.

1: Inflatable Party Magic – This company services the Waxahachie area, and knows the surrounding area quite well.

2: Party in a Box – While their site might not look like much, they have a handful of water slides available throughout Ellis and the surrounding area.


Erath TX

Erath County is home to a handful of cities, centered around Stephenville but including Dublin and a handful of small towns like Duffau, Morgan Mill, and Highland. It’s one of the more rural areas on this list, home to under 50,000 people, and is located southwest of Fort Worth.

1: Mr. P’s Party Rentals – This company serves the Erath area, primarily catering to smaller parties and events.

2: Jumping Jackets – They don’t have a website, but you can call this company at (254) 459-1688 to book some inflatables for your party.

3: Inflatable Party Magic – We’ve mentioned them once before; they serve this area as well.


Frisco TX

Frisco is adjacent to Allen on the north side of Dallas, and it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America. With nearly 200,000 people within its borders, it’s home to sports training facilities and a variety of parks and event facilities you can rent for your event. Give us a call; we cover the area!

1: Jumper Bee – We’re always available and happy to serve you anywhere in the north Texas area. Frisco is no different; if you have a party, we have the gear.

2: Jump for Joy – Covering a large area of Texas, you can contact this company for a variety of inflatables and water slides.

3: Let’s Jump – While they primarily offer bounce houses, you can also get water slides and dry slides from this company.


Hood County TX

Hood County is located southwest of Fort Worth, a little closer than Erath, and is home to a few small towns including Tolar and Granbury. With a population of a little over 60,000, it might not be the biggest area around, but you can still rent a water slide in the area from a few companies that service it.

1: Party-n-Jump – This company primarily serves central Texas, so if you’re too far south for us, you can give them a call.

2: Inflatable Party Magic – Another common name in the area, this company also serve Granbury and Tolar.

Johnson City

Johnson City

Johnson County is directly south of Fort Worth and is home to over 175,000 people as of 2019. Cities within the county boundaries include Cleburne, Joshua, Alvarado, and Grandview. There’s plenty of room in the suburban areas to set up a water slide for your favorite summer fun.

1: Inflatable Party Magic – Yup, they serve this area too.

2: Fun 4 All DFW – Serving a good portion of the DFW area, this company offers a range of inflatables, interactives, and concessions.


City of Kaufman

Kaufman is the name of both the city and the county in Texas, located off to the south-east of Dallas. There might not be a lot going on, but there’s always room for a water slide, right?

1: Released Free 2 Jump – This company serves the Kaufman area primarily with smaller bounce houses.

2: Fiesta Bounce House – A smaller inflatable company serving portions of the Dallas area.

3: The Party Guyz – This company is based in the Forney area and serves the region nearby.


Parker County

Parker is a small town located near Plano, as part of the overall Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While it might be overshadowed by its larger cousins nearby, it’s still a town worth visiting, and those who live there tend to enjoy it.

1: Jumper Bee – Parker may be a small town, but that doesn’t mean we leave it off the map. We’re more than happy to service the area with bounce houses, water slides, concessions, and other summer fun.

2: Brinca Brinca – This company has a small range of offerings in the Plano and Parker areas.

3: Jerico’s Jumps – With both dry and wet slides and other inflatables, is primarily situated in Paradise but serves the surrounding area.


Plano TX

With a population of just under 300,000, Plano is another fast-growing and attractive location north of the Dallas city center. Set up an event and book some inflatables, water slides, concessions, and other entertainment today!

1: Jumper Bee – Whether you want to set up an event in one of the city’s larger venues, or just want a slide for your back yard for a few hours of fun, we’re here in Plano to serve you.

2: Bounce ‘n’ More – One of our main competitors in the Plano area, they have a few decent offerings if we’re not available.

3: DFW Party Rental – We’ve mentioned this company before as well, and they do indeed serve the Plano area.


Rockwall TX

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall is a town with 45,000 people and plenty to see and do. If the beach is crowded or if you just want a different kind of water-based fun closer to home, book yourself a water slide.

1: Jumper Bee – Rockwall has no shortage of water-based fun available, but sometimes you don’t want to make the trek down to the beach. Bring the water to you with one of our water slides, and check out our other amenities while you’re at it.

2: Firehouse Bounce – This inflatable rental company is unique in that it was founded by firemen to serve as outreach and entertainment for their area.

3: Fun Times Party Rental – Affiliated with, this company handles everything from small parties to corporate events in the Rockwall area.


Located across the lake from Rockwall, Rowlett is situated on the western shore of Lake Ray Hubbard. Despite only 65,000 people calling it home, the upscale development is quickly making the city a center of entertainment. What can be more entertaining than a water slide for friends and family?

1: Jumper Bee – If you don’t want to hit the beach but you still want some water-based fun on a hot summer day, we’d love to bring a water slide or two down your way in Rowlett.

2: Bounce ‘n’ More – This company is based in Rowlett, so of course they serve their home territory.

3: Bounce Universe – This company services a variety of cities and small towns in the greater Dallas area, with inflatables and other party entertainment.

Royse City

Royse City

Royse City has a population of 12,000 and a small-town feel despite the recent population growth. It’s a great place to throw a party, and we’re readily available if you want to give us a call to handle your entertainment needs.

1: Jumper Bee – We’re happy to service big cities and small towns in equal measure. Royse City might not be the largest or the fastest-growing, but you deserve some water slide fun nonetheless. Give us a call and book your party today.

2: Firehouse Bounce – Though they’re based in Rockwall, Firehouse services some of the surrounding area, including Royse City.


Tarrant County is the home of Fort Worth, part of the overall DFW metroplex. Home to over two million people, there’s always something going on somewhere within the county borders, and we’re often there to help with entertainment. If you ever need an inflatable or other accouterments for a party, look no further.

1: Sky Pirates Inflatables – We’re not the only ones in Fort Worth; Sky Pirates is a decent option, and they have a fun inflatable maze on offer as well.

2: Afford-A-Bounce – Though you generally want quality over affordability in physical bouncers and slides, this company is also an option. They have three locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Collin.

3: Let’s Jump Rentals – Also on our list for Frisco companies, these folks cover the Fort Worth area as well.


Wise County

Wise County has a population of around 60,000 people and is centered around the county seat of Decatur. Located to the north-west of Fort Worth, it might not be the most populous or the largest area in northern Texas, but it’s certainly popular enough to host a party.

1: Jump Party Texas – Located off the north-west part of Fort Worth, this company covers Wise and the surrounding area.

2: Jerico’s Jumps – Bouncers, slides, carnival games, and other entertainment are all available from this company in Wise.

3: Sky Pirates Inflatables – Yup, they cover the Wise area as well.


Wylie itself is home to 51,000 people and hosts a variety of events every year. The city is home to 33 different parks you can book, as well as a handful of pavilions you can use as a base of operations for a party. Just make sure you contact the parks and recreation office before you start planning a party.

1: Jumper Bee – Whether you’re setting up one of the city’s main events, or just want a single inflatable for your own backyard party, we’re always available with enough advance notice. Call us today!

2: Bounce ‘n’ More – It should be unsurprising to see this company on the list of those serving the Wylie area as well, right?

3: Bounce Universe – They, too, are in Wylie, offering their usual inflatables, as well as other carnival entertainment like airbrush tattoos and concessions.

Other Areas

We’d love to be your #1 choice for water slide rentals in northern Texas, so give us a call and see if we cover your area. If you want to see us cover your area when we don’t do so already, let us know by leaving a comment!

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