Collin County Easter Guide: Festivals, Egg Hunts, and Events

Easter Eggs Hunt

Easter is fast approaching. The pandemic is in full swing, but by spring, the vaccine should be making the rounds, making gatherings and events a lot safer. Time will tell how the world will function in the wake of the disaster, but for now, you might as well plan for the future, right?

Easter celebrations are a great annual tradition, whether you celebrate them for religious reasons or secular purposes. We already wrote about ways you can celebrate on your own, by renting equipment and setting up your own local party. Today, we’re going to cover as many of the events happening in the DFW area and Collin County in general as we can.


As you’re no doubt aware by now, the pandemic has made it difficult to judge what will and won’t happen in terms of local events more than a week or so in advance. We’re writing this article well in advance of the Easter season, and as such, a lot of details may change between now and when Easter actually rolls around.

In order to put together this list of Collin County Easter events, we’re looking at annual event pages and event information from 2020. As such, the information we list below is subject to change. New events might spring up, existing events might have restrictions in place, and some events may be canceled. Be sure to check with the venues of the events you’re interested in attending well in advance, so you’re not surprised by a sudden cancellation or change of restrictions.

Additionally, feel free to help us keep this list up to date. If you know of an event we didn’t list, leave the details in the comments. If an event we’ve listed has been canceled or changed significantly, let us know that as well. We can’t do it all without you. So, thanks in advance, and may you have a wonderful Easter season!

Collin County Easter Events

In Collin County and throughout the greater DFW area, there are a ton of different venues, large and small, hosting their own Easter events. Before getting into specific events, we first wanted to cover the different types of events you might see.

Easter egg hunts are the most common kind of Easter event. Whether it’s an adults-only egg hunt after dark or an event fun for the whole family taking place over the course of a weekend, Easter egg hunts are a common fixture of the season. Most Easter events feature at least a basic egg hunt, though many offer a range of events beyond just the hunt itself.

Easter Bunny With Eggs

Spring festivals are another common event type you can find in Collin County and the surrounding areas. They often have egg hunts as part of the roster of events, but they may also include Easter bunnies, petting zoos, carnival games, and a variety of other forms of entertainment.

Easter bunny encounters are often included as part of Easter celebrations, but some locations have dedicated sections to just Easter bunny photography. If all you want is a seasonal photo with the kids, these events are great to attend.

Now, let’s dig into what’s available, or what may be available depending on the state of the world when Easter rolls around.

Easter Events in Collin County

City of Irving Easter Egg Hunt – This event was canceled for 2020, with a notice that it will return in 2021. As of yet, they have made no mention of whether or not the 2021 event will be canceled as well. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

Grapevine Wet Egg Hunt – The Grapevine traditionally hosts an underwater egg hunt in their indoor pool. They currently don’t have published information about the 2021 event, but they’re hosting Christmas holiday events, so it’s a good bet they’ll have something planned for April.

Grapevine Easter Train – Another annual event at the Grapevine, locals know they fire up the vintage railroad for seasonal events. The Easter event is a full circle; departing and arriving both in the Grapevine, where other events will also be taking place. Stay tuned for more details.

Easter Bunny Train

Electric Egg Hunt – The Keller Pointe electric egg hunt is an annual tradition that was canceled in 2020. As of now, their cancellation message is still in place, so it’s unclear whether or not a 2021 event will happen. Stay tuned for more information.

Lewisville Funny Bunny Festival – This festival is a great annual event. As of now, they do not have an event page up and running. However, their general events page offers volunteering opportunities for the upcoming event, so there’s hope that the festival will happen as scheduled this year.

Easter Egg Scramble – Hosted in Flower Mound, the Easter Egg Scramble is entering its 37th year as a holiday tradition. This event is currently scheduled for the end of March before Easter, with an egg hunt, plenty of candy, and an Easter bunny in attendance.

Flower Mound Egg Hunt

Garland Parks Egg Scramble – Less of a hunt and more of a crowd, the egg hunt in Garland was canceled for 2020, but might be ready to go for 2021. There’s no word yet on what restrictions may be in place, or indeed whether or not the event will go ahead at all. As always, check back frequently to see any updates.

Plano’s Easter Egg Hound Hunt – A canine-friendly Easter egg hunt, this hunt hasn’t had the best track record; it was canceled due to rain in 2019 and canceled due to pandemic in 2020. Will it go ahead in 2021? Stay tuned to find out.

Allen Parks Eggcellent Egg Drop – Currently scheduled for March 27 in 2021, this event is a great festival option for kids and for parents to visit booths and tables sponsored by various local organizations and businesses. They should also have an Easter bunny in attendance for the kids and parents alike.

Allen Parks Egg Drop

Dallas Arboretum Easter Events – Scheduled for April 19-21, the Dallas Arboretum currently plans several Easter events. Life’s a Picnic offers a festival with carnival games, a petting zoo, and a concert. The Rory Meyers adventure garden also hosts a variety of child-focused games and activities for families to enjoy.

Creekwood United Methodist Church Spring Festival – Typically hosted as a mid-sized church event, the Creekwood UMC Easter event does not currently have an event page live. Check back closer to April to see if they’ve updated or canceled their annual event.

First Presbyterian Church Egg Hunt and Labyrinth Walk – This church hosts an annual Easter event every year in partnership with several other churches in the area. They typically post a Facebook Event Page when their event is coming up, so check their Facebook Page for more details closer to March or April.

Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship Egg Hunt – A simple, small, and fun annual Easter celebration hosted by the Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship. This is another event where the organizers post a page on Facebook when the date draws closer, do be sure to check back for more information.

Pin Oaks Egg Hunt

Frisco Aqua Egg Hunt – Hosted in the Frisco Indoor Aquatic Center in the Athletic Center, this event sees hundreds of eggs floating in the pool, ready for children to gather up. Every 15 minutes, a new wave of eggs is released for a new age group of children, so plan ahead to get there in an age-appropriate window. Their 2021 event seems to be going ahead, but check back soon to verify.

Nature Eggsplorers – Another Frisco event, this one is hosted in the Frisco Commons. Currently scheduled for March 20th, 2021, this event has a variety of activities scheduled throughout the day. These include an egg hunt, fishing lessons, and a geocaching program throughout the venue.

Frisco Roughriders Spring Eggstravaganza – This is another event that was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Currently, there is no information yet on whether or not the event will move forward in 2021, but they say to check back on the event page (linked above) in early 2021 to see what news they may have for you.

Rough Riders Egg Hunt

Prosper Egg Hunt – Prosper typically has an annual Easter event, but it’s only open to residents of the town. If you’re a resident, you’ll need to check with the library to see what the details of the event will be this year. If not, sorry, you’re probably out of luck.

Princeton Easter Egg Hunt – The City of Princeton typically hosts an Easter egg hunt around the holiday. The event, primarily aimed at children 5th grade and younger, may or may not be scheduled for 2021. You’ll need to check with their events page to see more information as the date comes closer.

North Pointe Church of Christ Easter Events – Another example of a local church event – of which there are many, see below – this calendar of events has yet to be fully updated with specific events for the season, but is likely to have at least some kind of special Easter service for those who wish to attend.

In Sync Exotics – In-Sync Exotics is a wildlife rescue and educational center specializing in big cats. They usually have some kind of low-key Easter event, but they have not yet published their event schedule for 2021. Check back in January to see what they have on the docket.

Tiger Easter Egg

Local Church Events – There are hundreds of churches in the greater DFW area, and almost all of them will have some form of Easter event on or around the holiday itself. There are far too many to list here – and many of them don’t list event pages until much closer to the holiday – so we haven’t linked them all. Rather, this heading serves to highlight the opportunity. If you’re interested, simply look up churches nearby and see which ones have events you might be interested in attending.

General Directories – The Collin County Guide website, linked here, has an entire page dedicated to spring festivals and Easter events. Many of their links are, at the moment, either linking to old pages from 2019 or 2020 or are linking to where event pages used to be but no longer exist. You can browse through for details on events past, and see if those venues are hosting similar events this year, but you’ll need to do the legwork yourself. We expect that their directory will be more up to date around February or March of 2021, so you can check back when they’re actively updating it as well.

DFW Events – This is another generalized directory of Easter events you can consider attending in 2021. Again, this page is largely full of information from 2019, but many of the event pages and websites are the same from year to year, so you can click through to see which events are still going. Again, stay tuned as the date draws nearer and more event pages are available.

Rounding Up

As you can see, as of the time of this writing, many events have either yet to publish their event details or have tentatively canceled their events for 2021. A lot of schedules are up in the air, making it difficult to plan an event in advance.

If you’re not willing to spend the time researching events, why not host your own? We’re available for event planning and rentals. If you would like to set up your own local event for your community or neighborhood, all you need is a venue and a plan. We can supply you with everything from carnival games, an Easter bunny, and face painting all the way out to other forms of entertainment such as bounce houses and obstacle courses.

Easter Bunny Rental

Hosting your own event is one way to be sure that you’ll have something for yourself and the neighborhood to do. Just make sure to keep an eye on any state-level or city-level restrictions in place when April swings around, so you’re not in violation of any large gathering restrictions. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially on a day like Easter where faith, family, and friendship are so important.

Any events that we may have missed or that you would like to add to the list? Be sure to leave a comment down below! 

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