15 Graduation Party Ideas in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Graduation Cap

Life goes on, and major life events don’t stop happening. Graduation is, for many, one of the major defining moments of their early lives, transitioning from education into the workforce, seeing many friends for the last time. It’s cause for a party, for a celebration, and for something unique. There is a wide range of…

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10 Tips Before You Rent a Water Slide in North Texas

Water Slide

When the weather gets hot, the water comes out. Water sports, whether it’s games in a pool, water parks, or just a kiddy pool in the yard, are one of the most popular and refreshing ways to spend time in the summer away from screens. It’s no wonder that people all across Northern Texas love…

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How to Rent a Portable Synthetic Ice Rink in Texas

Synthetic Ice Rink

Ice skating is a fun and exciting experience, but in many places, it’s limited to two situations: sufficiently cold winters where a pre-configured rink can be maintained, or renting a professional-grade facility. Hockey facilities exist across the country, but renting time in one can be quite expensive, and they’re very large compared to the needs…

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The Laws or Regulations for Bounce Houses in Texas

Texas Jump House Laws

Bounce houses and other inflatable rides and attractions are some of the most popular items for party rentals, particularly for young children. They’re cheap, they’re portable, and they’re fun, so it’s no surprise. Depending on the kind of news you watch, you may have seen stories about bounce houses being picked up in strong winds…

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25 of the Best Party Venues to Rent in Texas

Ticket Venue Illustration

Texas is a huge state, with a lot of large cities ripe for parties. Picking the right venue in your area is the foundation of party planning, and will determine everything from the number of guests you can invite to the amount of budget you have for décor and entertainment. We may be based in…

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