A Collin County Guide to Family Christmas Events

JumperBee Christmas Event

The holiday season is here, and while a lot of the usual traditional events have been canceled or reconfigured due to the pandemic, nothing can stop the American spirit that drives our celebrations. Collin County is full of Christmas events suitable for the whole family; all you need to do is pick the events that…

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Guide to Renting Light Up Christmas Displays in Texas

Light Up Displays

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start setting up your Christmas displays. Whether you’re an individual looking to make a stunning house display, a company hoping to set up something on the grounds or in the lobby, or a public facility looking to set up a holiday display for the public…

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An Updated List of Ice Skating Rinks in Collin County

Ice Skating in Winter

The peak of the summer’s heat has passed, but that doesn’t mean some fun on the ice is out of the question. Hitting up one of the ice skating rinks in the general DFW/Collin County area is a great way to spend an afternoon, get some fitness in where you’re not working on gym equipment,…

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The Ultimate List of Party Rental Companies in Texans

People Enjoying a Party

Any time you want to put together a party, you need resources. Most people don’t have all of the supplies and furniture necessary to run a party just squirreled away in the attic or that one closet you never open. Instead, you’ll need to rent them or buy them from somewhere. Some party supplies can…

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Do You Need a Permit in Texas for an Ice Rink Rental?

Synthetic Ice Rink

Ice skating might not be the kind of thing you think of doing in Texas, but with modern materials, synthetic ice rinks are available for rent all year round. You can have all the fun of ice skating with none of the chills of winter. If you’re interested in setting up this kind of ice…

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15 Fun At-Home Halloween Ideas for Kids in Collin County

Halloween Party

Summer is officially over, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean the heat is gone, it does mean the ramp-up to end of year festivities begins. October brings Halloween, November has Thanksgiving, and December is, of course, Christmas. While the pandemic is ongoing (at the time of writing), many of our traditional celebrations are put on…

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List of Water Slide Rental Companies in Northern Texas

Inflatable Water Slide

North Texas covers a pretty large area, and while we’re one of the premier rental companies for water slides in the area, we don’t cover everywhere. If you live in the north Texas area and you want to rent a water slide – for a birthday, for a late summer celebration, or just for a…

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List of Things to Do During Quarantine in The DFW Area

Things to Do in DFW Quarantine

We’ve reached the height of summer in the middle of this pandemic, and while the situation isn’t ideal, it’s also not the worst it could be. Millions of us here in the greater DFW area are looking for something to do while obeying the state and city regulations against large gatherings and public events. As…

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A Guide to Backyard Movie Theater Rentals in DFW Area

Backyard Movie Theater

Summer is on its way out, and with it go a lot of our favorite summer activities. The pandemic has left many of those activities closed or limited, and that includes movies. Theaters are largely closed for business, the enclosed spaces, and close seating deemed too dangerous by the authorities. That hasn’t stopped us from…

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List of Drive Up Movie Theaters in The Dallas Fort Worth Area

Drive In Movie Theater

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown millions of lives into chaos, in large and small ways. Even for those of us who aren’t suffering directly, we find that parts of our normal summer routines are upended. Event spaces, water parks, and other venues are all either shutting down, limiting attendance, or implementing precautions to keep their…

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What Are The Laws on Backyard Portable Pools in Texas?

As the heat of summer bears down upon us, we’re all turning to water to keep ourselves cool and refreshed. The pandemic means that a lot of our favorite water parks and public pools are closed, or they’re risky enough we might not want to attend, so of course we turn to other options. Portable…

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