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How to Rent a Clean Bounce House to Avoid Germs and Viruses

Any time you’re in a public space or using any item or facility that multiple other people use, you should be concerned about the potential spread of germs. Germs are, of course, on everything.  They’re in the air, they’re in the ground, they’re on surfaces, they’re on you, they’re in you. Not all germs are…

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The Laws or Regulations for Bounce Houses in Texas

Texas Jump House Laws

Bounce houses and other inflatable rides and attractions are some of the most popular items for party rentals, particularly for young children. They’re cheap, they’re portable, and they’re fun, so it’s no surprise. Depending on the kind of news you watch, you may have seen stories about bounce houses being picked up in strong winds…

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25 of the Best Party Venues to Rent in Texas

Ticket Venue Illustration

Texas is a huge state, with a lot of large cities ripe for parties. Picking the right venue in your area is the foundation of party planning, and will determine everything from the number of guests you can invite to the amount of budget you have for décor and entertainment. We may be based in…

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15 Tips and Templates to Create an Event Planning Agenda

Event Todo List

At first glance, planning an event seems like a pretty easy task. After all, how much could really be involved in throwing a holiday party for the office, planning a birthday party for a 7-year-old, or hosting a retirement bash for a C-level? Once you’ve been at it for three weeks and your list of…

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Should You Rent or Buy The Decor For Your Event?

Decor for an Event

When you’re planning an event, you’ll come to notice something about the various pieces of décor you can get for a party. You can find it in two ways; either rented or purchased. Renting it is almost always cheaper, of course, but then you have to return it. Buying it is more expensive, but if…

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50 of the Best Themes for a Corporate Event

Themes for a Corporate Party

Hosting an event is harder than people think. That’s why you so often hear stories of people dreading attending company parties, knowing they’re going to be bland, tedious affairs. You want your party to be something more than a few grocery store banners strung up in a conference room with a few trays of hors…

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How Much Do Carnival Rides Cost to Rent on Average?

Estimating Cost of Carnival Rides

Hosting an event with entertainment involves a lot of details you need to keep in mind, but it’s easy to see that one particular factor is at the forefront of everyone’s minds: the cost. Renting rides, games, and other carnival setups can vary wildly in cost, and there are other costs to keep in mind…

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Event Planning Guide: How to Estimate Quantity for Your Party

Party Space and Planning

Quantity. The question “how many?” plagues every event planner sooner or later. Getting an appropriate quantity of, well, everything, is critical to running a successful party. After all, if you have too little of something – whether it’s napkins, prizes for a carnival game, or seats in a dining area – it leaves people feeling…

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Party Organizer vs Coordinator vs Planner: Which Should You Hire?

Party Coordinator Planner

Most of the time, when people talk about planning a party or other event, they talk about the differences between doing it themselves and hiring someone to do it for them. That someone they hire, though, is referred to by many names. The event planner, the party organizer, the event coordinator, the party manager; there…

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12 Tips for Renting Carnival Games for Your Party


Planning a party is a lot of work. Making sure there’s entertainment for everyone is tricky enough, you don’t need to add the stress of cobbling together DIY party games on top of it all. It’s faster and easier to let someone with the resources and equipment provide everything you need. Therein lies the question.…

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