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An Updated List of Ice Skating Rinks in Collin County

Ice Skating in Winter

The peak of the summer’s heat has passed, but that doesn’t mean some fun on the ice is out of the question. Hitting up one of the ice skating rinks in the general DFW/Collin County area is a great way to spend an afternoon, get some fitness in where you’re not working on gym equipment,…

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The Ultimate List of Party Rental Companies in Texans

People Enjoying a Party

Any time you want to put together a party, you need resources. Most people don’t have all of the supplies and furniture necessary to run a party just squirreled away in the attic or that one closet you never open. Instead, you’ll need to rent them or buy them from somewhere. Some party supplies can…

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Do You Need a Permit in Texas for an Ice Rink Rental?

Synthetic Ice Rink

Ice skating might not be the kind of thing you think of doing in Texas, but with modern materials, synthetic ice rinks are available for rent all year round. You can have all the fun of ice skating with none of the chills of winter. If you’re interested in setting up this kind of ice…

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