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A Guide to Backyard Movie Theater Rentals in DFW Area

Backyard Movie Theater

Summer is on its way out, and with it go a lot of our favorite summer activities. The pandemic has left many of those activities closed or limited, and that includes movies. Theaters are largely closed for business, the enclosed spaces, and close seating deemed too dangerous by the authorities. That hasn’t stopped us from…

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List of Drive Up Movie Theaters in The Dallas Fort Worth Area

Drive In Movie Theater

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown millions of lives into chaos, in large and small ways. Even for those of us who aren’t suffering directly, we find that parts of our normal summer routines are upended. Event spaces, water parks, and other venues are all either shutting down, limiting attendance, or implementing precautions to keep their…

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What Are The Laws on Backyard Portable Pools in Texas?

As the heat of summer bears down upon us, we’re all turning to water to keep ourselves cool and refreshed. The pandemic means that a lot of our favorite water parks and public pools are closed, or they’re risky enough we might not want to attend, so of course we turn to other options. Portable…

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