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Which North Texas Water Parks Are Open During COVID?

Water Parks in North Texas

Temperatures are rising, the heat is bearing down, and more and more people are turning to water to cool off and entertain themselves. Here in North Texas, we’re put in a difficult situation. On one hand, the heat of summer is here and we’re all looking for ways to cool off. On the other, we’re…

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15 Graduation Party Ideas in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Graduation Cap

Life goes on, and major life events don’t stop happening. Graduation is, for many, one of the major defining moments of their early lives, transitioning from education into the workforce, seeing many friends for the last time. It’s cause for a party, for a celebration, and for something unique. There is a wide range of…

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[Infographic] How COVID-19 Has Affected Parties and Events

Infographic Featured

As the so-called “second wave” of COVID-19 infections surges in states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida, millions of parties and events, large and small, are being affected. It’s undeniable that COVID is changing the world; what remains to be seen is how permanent many of those changes will be. So what’s happening around the world…

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