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10 Ways to Avoid Boring Your Attendees at a Corporate Event

Fun Event

Have you ever attended an event, only to get bored and start thinking more about what you’re having for dinner or where you’re going tomorrow than what you should be watching or listening to? Bored attendees check out mentally long before they leave physically, and this leaves a bad impression. They forget, ignore, or leave…

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When’s a Safe Time to Reschedule an Event Following COVID-19?

Reschedule Illustration

By now, pretty much everywhere in the world has been affected to some extent by the global pandemic of COVID-19. National events like most sports organizations, global events like the Olympics, and local events like art shows and parties have all been delayed, postponed, or canceled entirely. Some are trying to transition to online or…

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15 Ideas for Birthday Parties During a Flu or Virus Outbreak

Birthday Party Ideas

Children are surprisingly resilient. A sickness that would knock an adult down for a week might only be a bump in the road for a child. And yet, when you’re worried about the spread of a virus, like the flu (or the current pandemic), you need to exercise caution. So what happens when your kid’s…

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