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15 Tips and Templates to Create an Event Planning Agenda

Event Todo List

At first glance, planning an event seems like a pretty easy task. After all, how much could really be involved in throwing a holiday party for the office, planning a birthday party for a 7-year-old, or hosting a retirement bash for a C-level? Once you’ve been at it for three weeks and your list of…

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Should You Rent or Buy The Decor For Your Event?

Decor for an Event

When you’re planning an event, you’ll come to notice something about the various pieces of décor you can get for a party. You can find it in two ways; either rented or purchased. Renting it is almost always cheaper, of course, but then you have to return it. Buying it is more expensive, but if…

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50 of the Best Themes for a Corporate Event

Themes for a Corporate Party

Hosting an event is harder than people think. That’s why you so often hear stories of people dreading attending company parties, knowing they’re going to be bland, tedious affairs. You want your party to be something more than a few grocery store banners strung up in a conference room with a few trays of hors…

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