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Mobile Zip Line Rental


Zip lines are most typically used as an outdoor adventure activity. They are operated at higher speeds covering longer distances and sometimes at considerable heights. Zip Line locations are worldwide. Riders are physically attached to the cable by a harness. The harness connects to a rolling assembly called the trolley which rolls on top of the cable. Usually a rider will be launched from a specially built zip line platform over an extreme drop or spectacular view of a rainforest canopy. Zip line courses have become very popular as vacation activities, and are also integrated into ropes courses or adventure camps. Ski resorts are well suited to host a zip line course due to their angle of descent and existing structures which provide excellent zip line anchors.

Jumper Bee Entertainment LLC can now take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with the new mobile portable Zip Line.

Jumper Bee Entertainment is your mobile portable zip line solution in Texas and beyond!

Zip up to 200 feet at 28 feet in the air! Jumper Bee Entertainment LLC offers a complete themed, mobile portable Zip Line solution. The Zippin Zone™ caters to a wide rage of age groups and supports high traffic use. The Zippin Zone™ is an adjustable system with a range between 100 to 200 feet long!

The Zippin Zone™ attracts thrill seekers of all ages and is designed for premier events, is the safest mobile zip line in the world and requires fewer operators! We offer an exciting spiral staircase to the top of a 28foot zip line tower where then participants can zip up to 200 feet long! The mobile configuration requires no additional anchoring or attachments. Just raise the zip line tower, drop the Decelinator and become a zipologist!

The Zippin Zone™ is ideal for any event looking to offer interactive, outdoor adventure and is great for all ages! Zip lines are becoming the trend setter in today’s entertainment industry. The Zippin Zone™ can be used at any major Event, Festival, Team Building Activity, Colleges, Zoos, Resorts, Company Picnic’s, or theme parks.

The infinite adjustability between 100 to 200 feet of the Zippin Zone™ is a very crucial feature for those working with various footprints. Every mobile Zippin Zone™ uses Extreme Engineering’s patented climbing wall trailer technology, raising the trailer in just minutes! The “Decelinator™” is a decelerator that uses our patented Auto-Zip™ and Fiber Flex Rod™ technology. This is the safest and most proven decelerator on the market specifically designed to slow down the zip liner without sacrificing the length of the zip line! Extreme’s decelinator has been on the market for over 10 years and works much like fighter jets landing on aircraft carriers. The Decelinator™, unlike any other decelerator on the market, slows you down at the very end of the ride and safely lowers the zip liner to the ground. Extreme’s Zippin Zone™ zip line is extremely fast so be prepared to zip up to 20 MPH! The Decelinator™ enables a zip liner to experience the full length and speed of a 200 foot zip line and also cuts operational costs in less than half. Every Zippin Zone™ comes fully equipped with a Decelinator™ safety device.

Also included on the Zipping Zone™ is an automated return system the “Extreme Retriever” that delivers the zip line pulley and harnesses back to the top of the tower!

This is the WOW factor with the WOW results! Jumper Bee Entertainment doesn’t just offer a zip line; they offer a zip line solution. Be cutting-edge, be heard, be the main attraction and be fear without the risk on a Zippin Zone™ Zip line!