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Event Types


Your community likes to reach out. We get that. Fall Festivals, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Pageants – we can help you make any of these unforgettable events that folks will want to return to season after season. We know that the right investment in the right attractions and the most effective marketing can turn a fundraiser into a fun-raiser.

Most churches have big halls and expansive grounds for outdoor events. We’ll help you use those resources to your greatest advantage. Or if you’ve got a grander plan, we know where you can rent space. And if you need catering, tables and chairs, dunk tanks or inflatables, we’ve got those lined up, too. There’s no one better to trust for your Church festival than Jumper Bee.


We know the secret to putting on the best Proms and Graduation parties: lean on the traditional, but don’t shy away from the contemporary. On the one hand, high schoolers want to still feel like kids and throw water balloons, paint their faces, and pig out. On the other hand, they don’t usually want their parents to know what makes them tick, so it can be tricky to have the right music and the right styles.

That’s where Jumper Bee can help. Our staff has an ear to pop culture and its sometimes maddening way of weaving the old and the new. Will they want to dance to Rihanna or to Carrie Underwood? Will they want videos of indie rockers or classic rockers? Does your daughter’s crowd like charades and trivia? Are your son’s friends likely to enjoy green screen and a mechanical bull? We work with you to find those answers and then provide the games, music, and food to ensure that the send-off events of your young adult’s life are memorable ones.

And we offer a 15% discount to schools, so if you’re on the Event Committee, you’ve already got a head start with Jumper Bee.


The weather’s nice enough to send the students outdoors! Or – you’ve been cooped up inside long enough that it’s time to take over the gym or the cafeteria and have some fun. Whether you want to go with a carnival theme or a races, games, and competition day, Jumper Bee is right there.

We have our favorite inflatable carnival games, complete with prizes, but we can expand on that. Dunk tanks, bounce houses, obstacle course – all of these add to the fun. We can also provide clowns, face painters, musicians, and tattoo artists. And of course, our caterers are prepared with cookies and punch, celebratory cake, or complete healthy lunches for all the kids. Plus, we offer a 15% discount to schools.


Employee recognition banquet? Got it. Team building retreat? On it. New project launch? All over it. Jumper Bee’s bread and butter, corporate events no longer have to be staid, boring affairs. We can liven up your summer picnic with photo booths, casino games, temporary tattoos, and karaoke. We’ll bring the barbecue or the beer or the Bob’s been here 20 years cake.

Or perhaps you need to accomplish practical things at your meeting. In that case, we can cater food and drinks and provide courteous and discreet serving staff. We can also provide supplies for and even direct team building activities. Our event planning staff will tailor your get-together according to the impression you want to make.

Jumper Bee’s professional approach always makes you look good: for your sensitivity to the mix of different departments, for your heartfelt tribute to a retiring manager, and most importantly for choosing the best solution for the partying issues at hand. And we have no problem giving you all the credit.


Enclosed booth or open table? What’s your takeaway? What’s your follow-up? We know you’ve already discussed these things at length. But do you actually have the posters, stand-ups, and photos to sell your products and services? Jumper Bee can help.

Need pens with your contact info printed on the side? Key chains? Those squishy foam rubber stress balls? Wrapped candy featuring your logo? We’ll work with you on printing and put you in contact with suppliers.

Want a balloon artist, musician, or comic character to call attention to your corner of the convention center floor? We’ve got those, too. If your intent is to get businesspeople to relax and act like a kid for a few minutes, we’ve got our array of games and fun that may be just right for the mood you want to set.

And since many of these marketing tools and ideas work so well for the next step – the sales meeting – Jumper Bee helps you get two birds with one stone.


You’ve finally opened that Fort Worth branch of your store. Or your remodeling is complete and you’re inviting folks to a Grand RE-Opening. Or that Black Friday sale could be your biggest yet. Need someone waving out front in a character suit like Uncle Sam or a Giant Turkey? Want to pass out coupons and flyers? Or how about Refrigerator magnets with your store hours?

Jumper Bee is ready to help you with all of these ideas and more. Maybe you even want food or drinks to lure customers. We’ll provide the grill and the cooler and someone to man it. And all those promotional materials? We know the right printer and the right novelty company. Colorful helium balloons, live musicians, and bounce houses are a few more of the many services we can provide to help you attract Big Sale customers.


Ho ho ho or Happy Hannukah, being in charge of a party at That Time of Year can be a big chore or a big bore. But not if you bring Jumper Bee on board. Family-centered parties and adults-only occasions can both be tons of fun with the right approach.

Face it: December is a time of great expectations, whether you’re feting your 10-person department or your 500-member congregation. Create a comfortable or exciting atmosphere for your assembled few or for your teeming masses. Let us help you determine which direction to go: activities, food, beverages, decorations, and music, our experienced staff knows how to break the bleak midwinter and ring in the new. We’ll also help you schedule a date and venue to fit between everybody’s Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year’s plans.


A wedding is just a day, a marriage is… but what a day! We at Jumper Bee recognize that more than any other occasion, a wedding can be infused with the expectations and wants of some very specific cultural traditions, from New England to Midwestern to South of the Border. We’re ready to meet with your Italian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Irish, Chinese, Polish, or American-Melting-Pot families and plan your special day.

Is it a church wedding or out in a park? Is it immediate families only or is Mom inviting her entire college sorority? How far away is the reception and how much time do you want in between? Our expert wedding planners help you answer these critical questions and then guide you toward the perfect invitations, table linens, flowers, and musicians.

Our photo buttons and photo booths may be just the touch you’re looking for. Or, your clan might have a lot of kids and you’ll want a balloon artist or strolling magician. Of course, our DJs can master your ceremonies while providing the right soundtrack for your first dance and your bouquet toss. Trust Jumper Bee to meet all your wedding and reception needs and at your budget.


Is it a tea party for 5-year-old girls? Is this the first time your son has had kids from school over for a party? Is this your 16-year-old’s BFFs going to a movie and then coming back to the house for cake and ice cream and dancing to the IPod? Or is this the ultimate B-day Bash for the overgrown adolescent you lovingly call husband?

Jumper Bee can coordinate various stops or we can focus on your dining room. We can provide favors, cake designs, and punch recipes. And entertainment! Clowns can be great for the littler ones, bounce houses for the rowdy ones, or laser tag for the competitive types.

We can also run theme parties. Your favorite sport? Your favorite movie? 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s? A Hawaiian luau? A black and white party? We’ll help you choose streamers and glitter, leather jackets and poodle skirts, all the right tunes and all the right eats.


Decades of experience serving the area’s Jewish community has taught the Jumper Bee staff that the levels of celebration for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs can vary wildly. Always with a respectful ear toward spiritual traditions, we can help you celebrate the let-it-loose aspect of your son or daughter’s accomplishments.

Live music – traditional, modern, or a mix? Food – luncheon, dinner, or party munchies? Activities – table games and face painting or obstacle courses and bungee runs? We’ll help you plan the best day of your son or daughter’s young life, whether it’s mostly a kids’ event or celebrated by multiple generations.


Fifteen! Your little girl is growing up. And where you come from, that’s a big deal. You want her quinceaños to be a day your lovely daughter will treasure for years to come. Jumper Bee is ready with party planning expertise especially fashioned for your quinceañera.

Will it be at your home? Your country club? Your friend’s hotel ballroom? We’re ready to cater, to play music, and to entertain your guests. Punch, cake, first dances, we’ve got it all covered with the appropriate staff to keep everything running smoothly, so you can enjoy her special day. But if your teenager’s got her playful side, we’re ready with games and silliness, too!